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Dear Brothers and Sisters,This bulletin is to advise all Transportation District 140 members of the IAMAW MultiEmployer Pension Plan (MEPP) that the MEPP administration office will be moving effective February 1, 2022. The new mailing address for the MEPP is:116 Lisgar Street – Suite 204Ottawa, ONK2P 0C2 All Members should use this new address effective immediately as the return mailing address for all enrollment forms, beneficiary change forms, address change forms or any other correspondence with the MEPP Administrator. The

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2021 CWIA Symposium Report

The CWIA is an organization that represents Canadian Women In Aviation. It was an honour to be selected and to be invited to be participate in the 2021 symposium.  The symposium was conducted on October 19, 21 & 24 2022. The CWIA originally started in 1991 with 3 females and today it has grown to about 1400 women meeting approximately every 2 years. It continues to be a network of discussion by strong opinionated women all over Canada in aviation

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,Local Lodge 2921 will be hosting an online information meeting for members of LL2921 that are impacted by the Federal Vaccine mandate. The meeting will commence as follows via video conference: Thursday, January 20, 2022 @ 01:00 PMThis virtual meeting will be to offer LL2921 members the current information that pertains to the vaccine mandate and a short question and answer period. To participate in this video conference, please email a request to and a link

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USEFUL NUMBERS – 2022 (By Ivana Saula)

OLD AGE SECURITY BENEFIT (Monthly, at age 65, January 2022) $ 642.25 (regardless of marital status) 10% increase to OAS as of July 2022 for those 75 and older Adjusted quarterly to CPI (in January, April, July and October) OAS/GIS can be deferred up to 5 years (to age 70), with an increase of 0.60% for each month of deferral Following increases to CPI, OAS benefit will increase by 1.1% for the January to March 2022 quarter CANADA/QUEBEC PENSION PLAN (2022)

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2022 IAM Scholarship Competition

The 2022 IAM Scholarship Competition is accepting applications. The competition is open to members of the IAM and their children throughout the United States and Canada. The Application packet must be postmarked by February 11, 2022, and received no later than February 23, 2022. Applications, rules, and general information can be found on the 2022 IAM Scholarship Competition page. In 2021, the IAM awarded 16 scholarships valued at $64,000. The winners were selected out of over 300 applicants. The IAM also has a vocational-technical two-year scholarship

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Our common security

As a new year begins, the eyes of the world are rightly focused on the twin threats of the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerating climate change. A similar level of attention is required to the threats to peace on virtually every continent. People in many parts of the world are living in conflict or are on the brink. Autocrats, populists and warlords are facing off across borders and oceans. Expenditure on armaments is at a record high, international agreements regulating weapons

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