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Minimum Dues Increase

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Local Lodge 2921 has been notified by the Grand Lodge and District Lodge 140 that per capitas will be increasing by 5.16%. As per our local lodge bylaws, Article 4 Section C, any future increase in per capitas will automatically increase the dues by an equal amount. Article 4 Section C Paragraph 3 is as follows: Article 4 Section 3Notwithstanding the provisions of these bylaws, any future increase in per capita tax or anyother assessment, instituted

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Dear Sisters and Brothers, As you may be aware, the Union and the Company had an arbitration onOctober 21, 2021.I would like to report the following six (6) unresolved Policy grievances and one ( 1) Group policy grievance that were presented in front of the Arbitrator, Mr. Brian Keller: Group policy grievance regarding extensions over forty (40) hours to bepaid as OT, the grievance was resolved successfully in favour of theUnion, 42 grievances are to be paid within thirty (30)

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Bulletin # 3 Dear Sisters and Brothers, Nominations for all Executive Board and Auditor positions have closed and an election will be taking place on December 16, 2021. The results of the nominations are as follows: Local Lodge 2921 would like to thank all those nominated and wish good luck to all candidates standing for election. Local Lodge 2921 will hold the election for Executive board positions on December 16, 2021 at the following location: Sheraton Airport Hotel YYZ International

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Dear Sisters and Brothers, Your Union has reached an agreement with the Company to provide freeCovid-19 Antigen testing kits to our members that are partially vaccinated.This agreement will save our partially vaccinated members a significantamount of money per week in Covid-19 related testing costs. The agreementis as follows: The Company will supply the Union with any material related to theCovid-19 Antigen test kit and the instructional video for the Union toprovide to members. Subject to availability from the Company, the

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Jim Patterson, Rest in Peace

Edmonton, AB – It is our sad duty to inform you that Brother Jim Patterson, Business Representative and Organiser for IAM District 14 passed away tragically this past weekend. Jim had an incident with the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) he was in. We will share more details as we have them. “His family and his job were of great importance to him,” said Kevin Clark, Directing Business Representative of DL14 in Edmonton. “It is a tragic loss to our IAM Family

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