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GVP Chartrand’s letter to Minister Alghabra on Canadian Airports and Mandatory Vaccination Policies

Dear Honourable Minister Alghabra, The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) represent twenty twothousand workers in air transportation and aerospace in Canada. We represent a majority of workersat Canadian airports. I am writing you today asking your help with a troubling issue about mandatory vaccination policies byCanadian Airports authorities, which are arm’s length from government. A number of Canadianairports are implementing vaccination policies, taking any possibility of consultation and negotiation onthis critical health and safety issue away from

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Mandatory Vaccinations and Worker’s Compensation: Employer Liability

In a race against the fourth wave of the Coronavirus, the government, public health units and employers have moved from encouraging vaccination to mandating it. In recent weeks, many employers have issued mandatory vaccination policies, giving rise to multiple concerns, from individual rights to rights of the collective to work in safe environments. Some are raising practical concerns, like worker’s compensation, and whether employers who mandate vaccines are liable for workers who develop severe and adverse reactions. The question to

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Please sign the petition to support Cascade Containerboard workers!

More than 100 workers voted to join the Machinists Union in April 2019 and have tried to bargain for a fair contract for more than two years at Cascades Containerboard in Niagara Falls, New York. In that time, workers have faced an aggressive anti-union campaign put on by your company which has permanently sub-contracted their work, resulting in layoffs and drastically reducing their annual bonus by 20 percent. What kind of behaviour is this from a Quebec company!!! It’s frustrating to

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GVP Letter to LL 2921

Sisters and Brothers, Local lodge 2921 has persevered through some challenging times, with the last year possibly being oneof the most difficult periods in the local’s history. A pandemic, bargaining in an economic downturn, araid, are just a few of the challenges members of your local have seen in the last year alone. But, ourmembers’ resilience, dedication and belief in solidarity has sustained our union community through themost difficult of times. With the conclusion of a challenging round of bargaining,

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Collective Agreement Tentative Agreements and Arbitration Award

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Your Negotiations Committee has received the arbitration award concludingnegotiations. Bargaining throughout this pandemic was extremely difficult as theprocess began as the Covid-19 pandemic was just beginning and the Companyclaimed they did not have the money. In Short, here are some of the positivesthat were attained: Enhanced layoff and Recall Language – 36 Month Recall, Benefitcontinuation for 14 days after layoff. Improved Shift Trade language – Company will not suspendWebapps(during shift changeover)or suspend shift trades for not

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117 Full Time Recalls

Dear Brothers & Sisters, We are happy to announce another 117 part-timers will be recalled back to their full-time status effective September 5 2021. The Union and the company worked long and hard to fairly negotiate some Full-Time positions that are required in both YYZ  and YTZ airports as per operational requirements. After many hours were put in by the union and the company, there was initially an offer made to recall 47 part-timers back to full-time. The union still

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