Local Lodge 2921 has posted the seniority lists for your review. The current seniority list will be posted in the respective Union offices or with your respective Chief Steward.

It is your responsibility to make sure your seniority date(s) are correct.  The Airport Seniority date should be the date when you became a Screening Officer at either

Toronto Pearson International Airport or Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

The Company Seniority date should be the date of your most recent hire date by Garda or the predecessor company as per L.O.U.1

Example: If you quit and were rehired, your seniority date is your last hire date as a Screening Officer.

 The Airport Seniority is utilized for Shift bids, Vacation Bid, Overtime, etc.

The Company Seniority date is to govern your Vacation Entitlement percentage.

If either date is not correct, please submit an IAMAW Local Lodge 2921 Seniority Inquiry Form along with any and or all documentation to support your claim to your respective Chief Stewards.  The seniority committee will further investigate your inquiry.  Please ensure to obtain of copy of your inquiry form submitted from your respective Chief Steward.

In Solidarity,

Caterina Barone
Recording Secretary
Local Lodge 2921