Toronto Screeners

Insurance Quote Information to have on hand when getting a quote • The renewal date of your auto insurance policy • Information about all the vehicles being insured (year, make, model, odometer reading) • The name of your current auto insurance provider • The type and number of any infractions for each driver named in the quote • The number and type of any claims for each driver named in the quote

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Dear Sisters and Brothers, Across Canada screening officers are subject to an unfair dispute resolution process that is arbitrary and infringes the most basic of principles in labour relations- the right to appeal and the right of unionized workers to union representation. The process lacks procedural or any other notion of fairness; this simply isn’t right. There are members who have been wrongfully and unjustly found in breach of their duties and as a result of the current dispute mechanism,

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Local Lodge 2921 has posted the seniority lists for your review. The current seniority list will be posted in the respective Union offices or with your respective Chief Steward. It is your responsibility to make sure your seniority date(s) are correct. The Airport Seniority date should be the date when you became a Screening Officer at either Toronto Pearson International Airport or Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The Company Seniority date should be the date of your most recent hire date by| Garda

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