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Bringing Respect to Toronto Airport Screeners

Political Action with Peel Regional MP’s



Amandeep Singh Buttar, Barry Barnett, Gbenga Olu, Jagmohan Dhillon, and Rajiv Mohan; Lobbied with the Peel Region MP’S Raj Grewal, Ruby Sahota, and Kamal Khera, regarding various different issues such as: to stop Bill C-27 which threatens the retirement security, Contract Flipping, and Privatization of Airports.


Donation made to the Canadian Red Cross

On May 13th, 2016 in Terminal 3, and on May 27th, 2016 in Terminal 1, the IAMAW organized a Bake Sale in efforts the aid the many people who were affected in Fort McMurray by the Natural disaster. The IAMAW successfully raised $6,000 CDN, and Gardaworld matched the funds collected. A total of $12,000 CDN was donated to the Canadian Red Cross Foundation.


Left to Right: Yama Toki, Carol Sequeira, Gbenga Olu, Lisa Meyers, Barry Barnett, Amandeep Singh Buttar, Mir Alam



Back Left to right: Yama Toki, Renee Pollard, Asad Niyaz, Harrison Lee, Micheal King, Simon Gomes Front Left to right: Charito Aboyme, Nanie Torallo, Gemma Whitby, and Fouzia Toki


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Please be advised that Local Lodge 2921 will be accepting nominations for the following:

  • 2017 IAM Transportation Conference (2 Delegates)
    (April 8-13 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada)

Nominations & Elections for this position are as follows:

Date of Nomination: December 15 2016 at Sheraton Gateway Hotel at 14:00 hrs.
(Monthly Membership Meeting –Interlaken Room)

Date of Election: February 1st 2017

Eligibility: Members in attendance may accept nomination. Members who are not present may be nominated, but they MUST have a letter on file with the Recording Secretary stating that they will accept nomination for that particular office. Please Note: The acceptance of Nomination must bear the signature of the Nominee.

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