Toronto Screeners

Letters of Support- USW

Dear Airport Screeners,

I am writing in my capacity as United Steelworkers union District 6 Director, which includes Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. The USW represents 225,000 working people across Canada and is the largest private sector union in North America, with 850,000 members in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

At the USW, we also represent thousands of airport screeners who do the same difficult job as you do. We know these struggles intimately – from challenging schedules, problems during the pandemic with personal protective equipment, team members not getting enough hours, too low wages for the work you are doing, long lines, contract flipping and aggressive passengers.

Strong union representation provides a level of stability that is otherwise hard to obtain in this

Our members in various workplaces have also been subject to similar encroachments by CAWU and together, we have defeated them and emerged stronger. CAWU is a tiny group with few resources, no bargaining power, and no connections to the broader labour movement.

Workers across the country are suffering with a high cost of living – the cost of housing is soaring, and people are getting pinched when they buy groceries, pay their utility bills and so much more. I understand why you and your coworkers are frustrated. Steelworkers are frustrated too – but CAWU cannot promise you a better contract. If anything, you, and others
are risking what you have by joining a tiny, powerless organization.

I encourage you to stay with your own union – IAMAW and get involved to address the concerns that you have that are leading you to look elsewhere. Our unions are stronger when communication goes both ways, and it is backed up by action. We work closely with the IAMAW, and I can assure you that you have a place in your union and can make change for the
better. Together, working across unions, we are stronger.

In solidarity,
District 6 Director
United Steelworkers union