IAM Member Bill of Rights

When you are a Member of the IAM you have access to the following:

•    Skilled Negotiators trained and experienced.
•    Elections held for ALL positions in the Union.
•    Successful grievance and arbitration processing.
•    Health and Safety training to deal with issues.
•    Negotiate to become part of the IAM Pension Plan.
•    Regular monthly Union meetings to stay informed.
•    Employee Assistance Programs to help you and family.
•    Annual Meetings to discuss Union bylaws and finances.
•    Accessible Scholarships for you and your family.
•    Excellent communications with our members through our websites, newsletters, magazines, bulletins etc.
•    National Conventions are held every four years.
•    Access to one of the best Labour Training facilities.
•    Help with Workers Compensation Representation claims.
•    Guide Dogs charity which provides dogs free of charge to members and their families in need.
•    There are many committees to assist our members for example: Women’s Committee, Human Rights Committee, Political Action Committee, Community Services etc.

Most important is the collective strength and power you obtain when you become a member of the largest Union in the Air Transportation industry in North America. The IAM have some of the best negotiated contracts that contain superior benefits and work rules in this industry

All of these privileges if you become a member of the IAM none of them are available with your current Union

For further information please feel free to go to website www.screeners.iamaw.ca

In solidarity,
The IAM Organizing Committee