Toronto Screeners

Letter of Support- Society of Union Professionals

To: Airport Screening Officers represented by IAM

Dear Airport Screening Officers,

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Society of United Professionals, a union of nearly 10,000 professional workers in Ontario, to encourage you to remain affiliated with the International Association of Machinists. (IAM)

Our power as workers resides in our ability to come together, united as a movement. It is our numbers that give us the strength to push back against our employers’ demands when we need to. This is why, in Ontario and across Canada, so many labour unions have joined together under the banner of the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress – including the IAM.

Together, we are a force of more than three million workers across the country, and, as a member of the IAM, you are part of this force.

Scab unions, like CAWU, actively work to undermine the Labour Movement. This, in turn, undermines your power at the bargaining table.

You should be very wary of any promises made by groups like CAWU. They do not exist for the benefit of workers like you.

We strongly encourage you to maintain your relationship with the IAM. Your membership in the IAM provides you with stability, and access to the democracy and solidarity that comes with being part of the broader labour movement which consists of more than one million Ontario workers that stand ready to support you when you might need it.

The Society stands with you in solidarity in these challenging times.

Michelle Johnston President,
Society of United Professionals