Dear Brothers and Sisters:

In accordance with Transportation District 140 Bylaws, Article XI, nominations and elections will be held for thirteen (13) General Chairpersons. Articles 11.01.03 and 11.01.04 stipulate that the General Chairpersons shall be apportioned as follows

Atlantic Provinces:
One (1) AT Large Designated General Chairperson

Eastern Region:
One (1) Air Canada Designated General Chairperson
One (1) Service Designated General Chairperson

IAM Screeners lobby

Tuesday May 28, 2019

Ottawa, ON – Airport Security Screeners from British Columbia and Toronto gathered in Ottawa to lobby for changes to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) legislation. Across Canada, Screening Officers are subject to an unfair Dispute Resolution Process that is arbitrary and infringes on the most basic of principles in labour relations – the right to appeal and the right of unionized workers to union representation.

“If all Canadians have the right to a fair and timely Dispute Resolution Process, I fail to see why Canadian Screening Officers should be any different,” said Fred Hospes, President and Directing General Chair of IAM Transportation District 140 said.

The many testimonials the IAM has heard from Screening Officers obliged us to move quickly to make sure our voices are heard by Members of Parliament before the next election. “We know our voice must be heard in order that Screening Offices get the fair and timely dispute resolution process they need and deserve,” explained IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “It’s what most Canadians have, it’s time Screeners did too.”

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Climate Change


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Across Canada screening officers are subject to an unfair dispute resolution process that is arbitrary and infringes the most basic of principles in labour relations- the right to appeal and the right of unionized workers to union representation. The process lacks procedural or any other notion of fairness; this simply isn’t right. There are members who have been wrongfully and unjustly found in breach of their duties and as a result of the current dispute mechanism, many go without pay for months, in some cases a year. At a time when most Canadians are a pay cheque away from insolvency, our member’s lives are adversely impacted by CATSA’s arbitrary and unfair process.

We acknowledge CATSA’s efforts to protect the public’s safety and Canada’s national security, but we do not condone a process that penalizes innocent workers and leaves them without access to an appeal process.

The current process leaves innocent workers in limbo without pay for several months; this is not right and we must act now to support our members in their fight for fairness.

Together we can make a difference for those whose work is dedicated to protecting our safety and security while traveling.

Please help us in our efforts to right this wrong and take a brief moment to fill out our petition using the link below.

For more information and member testimonials, please visit







In Solidarity,

Stan Pickthall