Toronto Screeners

Letter of Support- Unifor

Dear Brother Chartrand and GardaWorld YYZ members of the IAM,

RE: Support for IAMAW

As Canada’s largest private sector union, representing 315,000 members across the country, we extend our solidarity to the IAM in this challenging time.

Unifor condemns the anti-worker raiding tactics employed by the CAWU. These tactics ultimately benefit the employer, leaving workers further behind. We urge IAM members to carefully consider the implications of the decision you will make in the upcoming vote.

Pre-board screening officers deserve union representation that advocates for them. We fully recognize the crucial role you play in ensuring the safety of our airports and skies. We also understand the challenges you face in bargaining with CATSA through GardaWorld. While it can often be tempting to explore alternative options, raiding undermines the progress your have already made and ultimately favours the employer.

Unifor stands with you and encourages you to make an informed decision at the ballot box and continue your journey with the IAM.

In solidarity,
Lana Payne National President