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Lay-off, here’s what you need to know.

You may have gotten a notice that you are now on Off Duty Status (ODS), or lay-off, here’s what you need to know. Even if you are on ODS, you can still apply for EI. Start your application the day you receive your notice. Do not wait. You do not need to wait for your employer to issue an ROE, but you will need the last three  pay stubs. If you need help don’t hesitate to contact your union rep or HR

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EI Sickness Benefits

Please note that the only change that’s been made to EI is to EI sickness benefits, and the work sharing program, where the one week waiting period is waived and those claiming sickness benefits are prioritized over others. A medical certificate is not required, but if members can get one, it certainly makes the process smoother.  Service Canada now has a dedicated line for inquiries on changes to EI sickness benefits: 1-833-381-2725 What is a waiting period and how has it

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The COVID-19 health crisis and the state of emergency that has been declared means we are operating in quickly changing circumstances that are hard to predict. Making this more challenging is that clear direction from Screening Contractors and CATSA, has proven difficult to obtain.Understandably, Members are urgently seeking answers and assurances under these difficult circumstances. Given the lack of information, please be assured that your union leadership, at all levels of the IAMAW, have been tirelessly working in collaboration with

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COVID-19 and Healthcare – FAQ for IAM Members

COVID-19 and Healthcare – FAQ for IAM Members If my employer can’t provide PPE do I need to go to work (two scenarios for confirmed cases is an easier answer, the tougher question is non confirmed cases)  In instances where a member is assigned to work with a client who is confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, you have the grounds to invoke your right to refuse unsafe work. We are asking employers to conduct risk assessments, and advise workers of

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Airports: The Forgotten Epicentre

Airports: The Forgotten Epicentre When you think of frontline workers dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, you likely think of those in healthcare. Airport workers, and screening officers in particular are not likely to come to mind. But, these workers work in a high risk area that’s been the epicentre of the transmission; airports and the traveling public. These workers cannot follow public health guidelines, can’t work from home and have no access to PPE that other frontline staff get. Perhaps,

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