Toronto Screeners

Garda Screeners Respond to IAM Visitors!

Toronto, ON – Security screeners employed at Toronto’s Pearson and Billy Bishop Airports by Garda, are quickly learning there is an alternative to the CAWU!

Wednesday evening, three IAM airport screeners from Vancouver met with their Toronto counterparts at Pearson, often in one on one conversation, about the issues facing screeners in Canada. The IAM trio: Local Lodge 16 President Rick Singh, Shop steward Derek Rose and Zaineb Ghlayem spread the word that the IAM can provide a strong union voice in Toronto. “I was shocked to learn that with 1800 members in Toronto they have only 12 shop stewards,” said IAM Vancouver screener Zaineb Ghlayem. “We have one steward for every 15 members in Vancouver and it’s a comfort to me that we have female stewards working next to me on the line if I need one. In Toronto, 70 per cent of the membership is female and they do not have a single female steward!”

The IAM screeners visited Bill Bishop Airport on Toronto Island Thursday afternoon and the response from Garda screeners was overwhelming. The majority of those who met with the IAM screeners signed cards.