Toronto Screeners

Important Meeting – Island Airport – 12 October

13 September, 2011


We are the IAM and you are invited to attend a meeting to discuss your current situation involving Union Representation.   This is a very important meeting and we encourage every person employed at Garda to attend one of these meetings:

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Place: Harbourfront Community Centre
627 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto (in Assembly Room B)
Times: 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00

As you know the IAM has been asking you to sign a union card and we would like to explain the reasons for this card.

For many years the majority of you have been very unhappy with your union representation and some of you are tired of hearing from the various groups and individuals about this.  I understand and sympathize with you, but there will be an opportunity to change this situation very soon and I ask that you keep an open mind and take the time to understand all the issues, before you form an opinion.

The IAM is the largest union in the Air Transportation Industry and we represent the Screeners in B.C and Saskatchewan.

We have been in discussions with many of you over the past few years about your problems with your union representation.  Until now, unfortunately, we have been unable to assist you due to a conflict of interest.

Under the Canada Labour Code there is a 90 day open period every three years when you can change your union.  For you this open period begins on January 2, 2012.  The process requires that the majority of the employees at Garda sign a card indicating that you wish to be represented by another union.  If the majority of you sign the IAM card there will be a vote conducted by the Labour Board in February of 2012.  This vote will be between your current union and the IAM.  The union that gets the most votes will be your union for the next three years.

Your current union was formed by four individuals only a few years ago, on the understanding that you would merge with a larger union.  When the people now running your union started to receive the union dues they decided not to merge and have now turned your union into their own little business.

You work for a large Company (Garda), in a heavily regulated industry and your current union does not have the experience, training, infra-structure, finances and support to deal with the many challenges you face every day in the workplace.  Many of you believe that your union is ineffective and, therefore, you feel that the employer can do whatever it wants by changing the rules and your working conditions at will.

Well the time has come to change this and we ask that every one of you take the time to attend one of the meetings scheduled above.  Come, ask questions or just drop in and find out more about the IAM.

Visit our web-site at for more information.

Please sign your card today!

In Solidarity,

Ian Morland
Lead Organizer
Garda Campaign