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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Please be advised that Local Lodge 2921 will be accepting nominations for the following:

  • 2017 IAM Transportation Conference (2 Delegates)
    (April 8-13 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada)

Nominations & Elections for this position are as follows:

Date of Nomination: December 15 2016 at Sheraton Gateway Hotel at 14:00 hrs.
(Monthly Membership Meeting –Interlaken Room)

Date of Election: February 1st 2017

Eligibility: Members in attendance may accept nomination. Members who are not present may be nominated, but they MUST have a letter on file with the Recording Secretary stating that they will accept nomination for that particular office. Please Note: The acceptance of Nomination must bear the signature of the Nominee.

Bylaw of Local Lodge no. 2921 Article 2 Section H

In order for any member to be eligible for nomination to a Local Lodge office or committee, shop steward, delegate, or any Local Lodge sponsored convention, conference or seminar, the member must be in good standing for a period of one (1) year and have attended at least fifty percent (50%) of the regular Local Lodge monthly meetings in the preceding twelve (12) months of their nomination.

In order to qualify for this position, you must have signed an IAM card as of December 15 2015


Bylaw of Local Lodge no. 2921 Article 2 Section I
A member may be excused from attendance to the Local Lodge monthly meeting due to work schedule, employer out of town assignment, sick leave, bereavement leave, compassionate leave, union business, or scheduled vacation. In these cases the member will be considered as having been in attendance. Evidence in support of any excused attendance must be provided to the Recording Secretary prior to or at the time of nomination.

During the absence of the Recording Secretary from December 9- December 15 2016, Brother Amandeep Buttar will be accepting excused attendances and prior acceptance of Nominations forms.

Absentee Ballots: Members who reside in outlying districts more than 25 miles /40km from the Local Lodge (as determined by Google Maps, MapQuest or the like, members who are either confined because of verified illness or on vacation or on official IAM business, approved by the Local Lodge, District Lodge or Grand Lodge, or on an employer travel assignment, as the case may be, may request an absentee ballot request form.

Any member entitled to receive an absentee ballot shall make a written request (form on 2921 website) to the Recording Secretary of the Local Lodge by delivering in person or mailing such request not later than 30 days before the election.

Contact Information:
Caterina Barone- Cell: 416-660-5304
Amandeep Buttar- Cell: 416-272-5054

In Solidarity,
Caterina Barone
Recording Secretary


Updated: 29 November, 2016 — 5:52 pm
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