Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you may be aware, the IAMAW is in the process of unionizing the GardaWorld SPMs working at the Toronto Airports, following decisions by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) which has already recognized this group of employees as appropriate for unionization in previous organizing campaigns that took place at the Vancouver and Winnipeg airports.
Unfortunately, it appears to the IAMAW that the employer is retaliating against this organizing campaign.

In what we believe is an attempt to deny these workers their right to unionization, GardaWorld terminated three (3) SPM union supporters and our General Chairperson, Bro. Barry Barnett, from GardaWorld for assisting these workers with their rights to join a union.

Terminating employees for participating in a union organizing campaign is a direct violation of the Canada Labour Code. As such, your Union filed an unfair labour practice against GardaWorld last week citing numerous Labour Code violations with the CIRB. This will simply not be tolerated by our Organization!

GardaWorld further advised their Management staff and elected Union Officers that they were not to engage in union business with our District Lodge General Chairperson, Bro. Barry Barnett.

The IAMAW has told GardaWorld that its actions constitute gross violations of the Labour Code inasmuch as they are attempting to direct a Union Representative in the performance of their legitimate and assigned duties. It is the Union’s clear and unequivocal position that the employer may not direct a Union Representative, and that their actions constitute direct interference with the administration and formation of a union, contrary to the Canada Labour Code.

Bro. Barnett is an employee of Transportation District 140 and he will continue to be the General Chairperson assigned to represent our Members working for GardaWorld at the Toronto Airports. As such, it is business as usual.

Employers cannot pick and choose which Union Representative they want to deal with and the Company cannot refuse to deal with the Union’s elected Representatives.


Bro. Barry Barnett is an elected full-time General Chairperson representing the IAMAW Members of District 140. He reports to the President & Directing General Chairperson of District Lodge 140, and by extension to the Canadian General Vice-President. In carrying out his Union duties Bro. Barnett does not report to any person at GardaWorld, nor to any other employer. As such, GardaWorld has been told by the Union that they may not instruct him in the performance of his duties and may not sanction him for carrying out legitimate Union business.

I further ask that our Garda members stand in solidarity and support the SPMs in their right to unionization. No worker deemed appropriate by the CIRB for unionization should be denied the right to join a union in this country due to employer coercion, interference and intimidation!

In Solidarity,

Fred Hospes,
President & Directing General Chairperson
Transportation District 140, IAMAW

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Updated: 28 September, 2017 — 11:05 am