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Brothers and Sister,

During negotiations, one of the topics discussed was the use of Dosimeters to protect the safety of our Screeners. After a long fight the company finally agreed to test one machine in Terminal 1 YYZ that was reported by the health and Safety Committee that may pose the most amount of radiation as, the X-ray Operator is placed closest to the shroud.

As a result, on July 18th 2018 the IAMAW (Health and Safety committee), Steelworkers, Gardaworld, Catsa and Radiation Experts participated in a radiation testing exercise.

The results of the reading are yet to be released, however once the results of the testing are confirmed the IAMAW will share the information with the screeners immediately. We are hoping that the results are positive and it can be proven that there is no Health and safety hazards while our screeners are working on a day to day basis. If the findings show it is unsafe due to radiation leakage, further ideas will be discussed on how to improve the safety of the screeners.

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Updated: 20 July, 2018 — 10:21 am