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The Checkpoint (Volume 1, Issue 1)

Local Lodge 2921 placed under temporary trusteeship

On July 20, 2020 IAMAW International President Robert Martinez placed Local Lodge 2921 under temporary trusteeship as there were circumstances that threatened the good and welfare of the membership. Trusteeship

means that 2921’s Executive Board is on hold for the time being, and a trustee has been appointed by Grand Lodge to manage responsibilities usually performed by the Executive Board. In this case, the Air Transportation Coordinator, Keith Aiken, who will be working with Sam Jab- bar, Grand Lodge Organizer, and Ivana Saula the Research Director to help rebuild the local.

In the coming days, a trial committee will be established to investigate matters that were deemed to be a threat to the good of the membership. The trial committee will determine if there was a threat, and for how long the trusteeship will be in effect. When the decision is made, Grand Lodge will ensure that it is communicated to the membership.

The trusteeship does not impact the day to day operations of your local. Stewards and Chief Stewards will still handle grievances and any other workplace issues members have. The IAMAW has been meeting with all representatives this week to talk about a vision for the future.

From these meetings, we will chart our flight path, which we will communicate through face to face meetings and regular newsletters.

The newsletter “The Checkpoint” will be issued on a regular basis.

We look forward to seeing you in the workplace soon.

Passionate Advocates Needed

The IAMAW is looking for advocates for committees that we are activating. “We are currently looking for advocates for our Women’s/Human Rights Committee, Shift Committee, Seniority Committee, Pension Committee, Young Machinists and Steward team,” said Trustee Keith Aiken. If you are passionate about your workplace and are interested in being a part of the team please email us at We will be reviewing all interested applicants and appointing them over the coming weeks. Please look to our Local Lodge Website for updates.