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Despite pandemic, IAM Commitment to Education and Training still rock solid

The IAM’s renowned William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center, also known as the W3 Center or Placid Harbor, is up and running with online training. “The programming is available for the balance of 2020,” said Chris Wagoner, Director of the Winpisinger Center.

The training portal is currently active and all DBRs, PDBRs and PDGCs, as well as District and Local Presidents, Recording Secretaries and Educators were notified by email. The three courses currently available are Leadership Organising, Lodge administrative Training and Steward Training. The courses will be delivered via videoconference.

“The IAM has always been committed to education and training,” said Stan Pickthall. “That’s why we established the W3 Centre in 1981, training more than 60,000 students. The COVID-19 pandemic may stop us from going to the Center, but it won’t stop us from giving the quality education our members need and deserve.”

To take part in the trainings, members must coordinate with their locals or districts.

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