Toronto Screeners

Seniority Bulletin Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The Seniority Committee acknowledges receiving all enquiries sent to us and we thank you for your submissions.

With limited access in the office and meeting virtually didn’t give us enough resources to communicate all the changes to whomever is affected. Please accept our apology and know that you will receive an official reply, as soon as we can comply.

When Garda assumed screening responsibilities in 2004, they agreed with the previous Union to honour the seniority of anyone from previous employers on the list provided by that Union. Letter of Understanding 1 (LOU 1) was inherited and is honoured by IAM Local 2921.

A decision by Arbitrator Brian Keller in 2013, also specifies that the LOU 1 list will be the only list acceptable when addressing the seniority of employees who came from previous employers. Your Committee reviews that list when addressing your enquiries about dates and placement order.

Anyone affected by a decision based on LOU 1 is welcome to make an appointment with any one on the Committee to review the LOU 1 list. Your seniority list is composed with three dates:

  • Master Seniority – The Master date covers Layoffs and Recalls based on when you joined the 2921 Bargaining Unit as a Screener.
  • Vacation Entitlement – The Vacation (or Hire date) confirms how much time and pay you will get for Vacations.
  • Selection Seniority – The Selection Seniority maintains your Full-Time and Part-Time date or New Full-Time acceptance date creating the order for shift selections, with the current situation with Full-Time employees being forced into Part-time positions the master seniority list has to be followed, as per CBA.Finally, there has been questions about the order on listings. Before 2005, the listings were mainly in alphabetic order by surname but not restricted to that and must follow what is provided in LOU 1.Between 2005 and 2007, some movement between alphabetic and numeric occurred causing some inconsistencies and these are addressed by the Committee, as we learn of each occurrence. In 2008 however, numeric allocations (employee numbers) prevailed and have been maintained through 2020.Should you have any problems selecting a shift related to your seniority, please choose a shift and complete a grievance with the Union Representative present and allow us to resolve the concern with the Company.In solidarity,Seniority Committee L.L. 2921