Toronto Screeners

117 Full Time Recalls

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We are happy to announce another 117 part-timers will be recalled back to their full-time status effective September 5 2021.

The Union and the company worked long and hard to fairly negotiate some Full-Time positions that are required in both YYZ  and YTZ airports as per operational requirements.

After many hours were put in by the union and the company, there was initially an offer made to recall 47 part-timers back to full-time. The union still tried to negotiate further and ended up with a total number of 117 recall positions from part-time to full-time officers.

The union is always looking to maximize all interests of all our members and continues to negotiate in favour for our members to be returned back to their pre-pandemic status.  This includes for our recalled full-time members to regain full-time benefits, increased sick days, and a guaranteed 40 hr schedule.

If you have any further question’s, please do not hesitate to ask the Garda Resource department or your Union reps located in Terminals 1, 3 and 5.

In Solidarity,

LL2921 Shift Committee