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GVP Letter to LL 2921

Sisters and Brothers,

Local lodge 2921 has persevered through some challenging times, with the last year possibly being one
of the most difficult periods in the local’s history. A pandemic, bargaining in an economic downturn, a
raid, are just a few of the challenges members of your local have seen in the last year alone. But, our
members’ resilience, dedication and belief in solidarity has sustained our union community through the
most difficult of times.

With the conclusion of a challenging round of bargaining, one chapter has closed; now it’s time to
move forward together. The work of unions is never ending; it’s a road with many obstacles, none of
which are insurmountable when we take the fight on together. For all those who were involved in
fighting the raid, educating and representing members, your efforts are a testament to the power of
solidarity in action. We thank you and the IAM is well represented with you on the front lines.

The main priority at this time is building a strong and thriving local, where members participate and
work together to realize the full potential of local 2921. Grand Lodge will work with District 140 to
ensure you have access to all the resources you need to rebuild your local, whether it be education,
information, or guidance; in fact, a whole community of union brothers and sisters stands behind you.

A union’s strength is measured by its members’ dedication; the efforts of all union activists in your
local assure us that in local 2921, the union is strong. We know that you will take on future challenges
united in solidarity. Each small step and action have gotten your local a step closer to becoming
stronger, stay the course and never lose sight of the power of small and consistent actions.

Thank you for the time you’ve given, for the work put in, and for continuing to stand with the IAMAW,
all your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Stay united.

In Gratitude and Solidarity

David Chartrand
General Vice-President