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Minimum Dues Increase

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Local Lodge 2921 has been notified by the Grand Lodge and District Lodge 140 that per capitas will be increasing by 5.16%. As per our local lodge bylaws, Article 4 Section C, any future increase in per capitas will automatically increase the dues by an equal amount. Article 4 Section C Paragraph 3 is as follows:

Article 4 Section 3
Notwithstanding the provisions of these bylaws, any future increase in per capita tax or any
other assessment, instituted by and Grand Lodge/District Lodge action or approval, thereof,
then current Lodge dues shall automatically be increased by an amount equal to such tax or

Therefore, effective January 1, 2022 the dues rate for Local Lodge 2921 will be $29.81 biweekly.
Please be guided accordingly,

In Solidarity,

Keith Aiken
Local Lodge 2921