Toronto Screeners

Negotiations Update # 4

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Further to our negotiations update bulletin issued on January 19, 2024, Your Negotiations committee would like to keep you up to date with your collective bargaining process. Unfortunately, Garda failed to respond to the intent to bargain and your committee decided to file for conciliation as provided for in Section 50 of the Canada Labour Code. The filing was done to the Labour Minister on January 24, 2024. This now puts the parties on a 96 day timeline as provided for below.

Currently, we are waiting on the ministerial decision and the appointment of a conciliation officer. We will update you when we have negotiation dates. Your Negotiations Committee is determined to get to the table so we can make sure the Toronto Screeners are the highest paid Pre-board screeners in the country.
If you have any questions or concerns please contacts us.
In Solidarity,
Your Negotiations Committee
January 29, 2024