Toronto Screeners

Garda Arbitration Update 2024

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

In the summer of 2023, Gardaworld fired two Pre-board Screening Officers for violating Gardaworld’s harassment policies. The IAM immediately filed grievances and represented these members through the arbitration process which included spending tens of thousands on legal fees. On Thursday January 26, 2024, these cases proceeded to arbitration where IAM paid legal representation presented both of these grievors cases. The IAM fought hard for these members resulting in favorable settlements being reached. Both grievors were satisfied with the results of the arbitration.

Generally, the IAM does not issue bulletins on the outcome of arbitrations. These cases were different. Please remember that everyone deserves to come to work in a workplace free from harassment. Our members should not be scared to come to work. All members should be treated with dignity and respect. This year there has been some horrible things said on whatsapp groups or social media by members about other members. How would you feel if the things that were being said were about your partner, siblings, children, mother or father? Would you stand by and say nothing? We cannot be bystanders to this behavior and need to call it out when it happens. Every member carries different baggage and we need to treat each other with kindness. We do not know what each of us are going through.

This bulletin is a call for solidarity. We need to treat each other better and ensure that the fractures our screener family has endured over the years heal so that we can mobilize to attain the best collective bargaining agreement in the country.

At the bargaining table in 2024, we will do that. Be kind to one another!