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We are pleased to announce that NOMINATIONS for officers of IAM Local Lodge 2921 will take place at a special meeting on 15 November, 2012.

ELECTIONS for those positions will take place on 20 December, 2012.

The Officers you will nominate and elect will make up the IAM Local Lodge 2921 Executive Board. There are 8 positions and they are:

• President

• Vice-President

• Recording Secretary

• Secretary-Treasurer

• Trustees (3),

• Conductor-Sentinel

The term of office for these officers will be for 3 years starting 01 January, 2013.

Newly-elected officers will be installed (sworn in) at the first monthly union meeting following the election.

In order to qualify for these positions, you must have signed an IAM card as of December 31, 2011.

PLEASE NOTE that only people that have signed cards may vote. If they have not signed a card, IAM membership cards will be available to sign at the polling station. After signing a membership card (with proper identification), you will be then be allowed to vote.

Details about the NOMINATION and ELECTION process, duties of those positions and details on voting (time and place), will be shared with all members shortly.