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CATSA announces Canadian airport security providers

CATSA has just announced the names of the companies with winning bids for providing security at airports across Canada. They are: Aeroguard, Garda, Securitas and G4S.

CATSA has divided Canada into four regions and awards airport security contracts to companies based on those regions. These are: Western, Prairies, Central and Eastern Canada. This is a change from the past where companies were allowed to bid and provide security at a specific airport anywhere in the country. The new providers will take over in November 2011.

CATSA has awarded contracts as follows: G4S for the Pacific region, Aeroguard for the Prairies, Garda for the Central, and Securitas the Eastern region.

So what does this all mean? The IAMAW will be researching these new companies and talking to them in order to have a smooth transition where applicable.

Clearly these companies will be looking at its operations to squeeze out higher profits in line with their bids submitted to CATSA. They may even be looking at consolidating negotiations with its unions in order to save even more, and this is where your union will have to develop a plan in order to protect its members, contract language and improve relations. Our main goal will be to protect our collective agreement language and to ensure our member’s rights are maintained.

The IAMAW has already strategized and set up a plan to deal with the new providers in the Pacific region and hopefully G4S will understand and cooperate fully with the IAMAW and our members in order to improve productivity and morale, so that the travelling public benefits from the improved relationship

The IAMAW also has a presence in the Prairie region and will continue to work with Aeroguard as in the past.

The IAMAW believes that at the end of the day, the airport security screeners will have to communicate clearly their expectation to the union and employer in order to improve their working conditions and relationship between the company, the union and its members.

It pays to belong to an International Union. Think about it. Solidarity and strength is what it’s all about.

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