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COVID-19 and Worker’s Compensation: When to Apply

Applying for worker’s compensation can be a convoluted process that oftentimes discourages injured workers, rather than allowing for easier access. And as if the process wasn’t complicated already, COVID-19 has certainly added new challenges to filing a claim. Infection rates have continued to climb across Canada, posing challenges for both communities and workplaces. In the context of health and safety, as with many illnesses, injuries and diseases, making the connection to the workplace as a source or contributing factor to

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Canada’s Aviation Industry Requires Action Now!

For almost the entire year of 2020, the IAM has been lobbying the Federal Government for assistance directed toward the aviation sector. IAM members and their families are urged to support our ongoing efforts by signing onto the Federal NDP’s petition: 2020 has been a year like no other – that is something on which we all can agree. And the Air Transportation and Aviation sector has been impacted to an extent never before witnessed. This has been devastating to

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Workers and workers’ rights still under attack in Alberta

By Derek Ferguson, GLR Political Action Bill 47 – The most recent attack on worker’s rights by the Jason Kenney Alberta UCP government misleadingly is named the “Ensuring Safety and Cutting Red Tape Act”. The so-called “Red Tape” contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) and the Workers’ Compensation Act. This will harm Alberta’s workers rather than ensure their safety. Kenny’s Bill 47 guts the OHS legislation: undermines Joint Health and Safety Committees and is an overall

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The Checkpoint Special Edition (Volume 1, issue 1).

Health And Safety Response: Addressing Rising Covid19 Cases After months of working to resolve health and safety issues, and having exhausted all available processes, we are informing members of local 2921 that we have had no other recourse but to contact an occupational health and safety (OHS) officer from the Labour Program. In escalating several problems to the Labour Program, a government agency, our goal is to address outstanding health and safety concerns, the most pressing being the rise in

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IAM Local 1922 members at Magellan Aerospace ratify three-year agreement.

Mississauga, ON – Members at IAM Local Lodge 1922 ratified a new collective agreement last night. “The bargaining committee worked tirelessly for our IAM members. While negotiating via unfamiliar platforms (Zoom), their efforts brought increases to wages for each year of the agreement, improvements to life insurance, accidental death and disability (AD&D) and weekly indemnity top-ups. They did this while maintaining health benefits and their pension, which the committee knew was a priority for our members,” said Kim Valliere, Directing Business Representative.

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