Toronto Screeners

Just the Facts

To all Garda employees: The CAWU Executive violated their own constitution by refusing to hold quarterly membership meetings, elections and provide you with an audit of their finances. The CAWU have spent thousands of dollars of your Union dues going to court to prevent you from voting for your executive. In the end, the judge found they were in violation of their own constitution and ruled against them. You elected Farooq Hamid as your President. The CAWU executive have refused

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Letter to YYZ Screeners

We are almost there!  And there is nothing to be afraid of anymore! Don’t allow the CAWU to intimidate you anymore. Tell them that you have had enough! Many Toronto Airport screeners have told us that the CAWU Executive and their supporters are using fear, intimidation, harassment and threats to prevent you from having real representation. It is against Canadian law to harass and intimidate people. There are rules in place to prevent this type of animal behaviour. To think

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More Rumours

CAWU is spreading more rumours and misleading you in an effort to hold onto power. The latest rumour is an attempt to scare the Point Leaders.  They are saying the Point Leaders will be taken out of the IAM Collective Agreement in Vancouver. The Truth is that the IAM adamantly opposes any exclusion of any current member. THE TRUTH IS

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Correcting the record

To all Garda Employees It has come to our attention that a certain individual has stated that the IAM is in her pocket. We are also aware that certain individuals are propagating this statement and telling you that the IAM supports shift bidding. Please be advised that the IAM principles of integrity and the desire to fairly represent you, will not allow us to be in anyone’s pocket. Further be advised that the IAM will not support any action that

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No interruptions in benefits!

To All Garda Employees: If the IAM is elected to be your new Union at Garda, your current benefit coverage will remain the same this includes your current entitlement of sick days. There will be no interruptions in coverage the truth being that your benefits are now provided by the company – not the Union. The IAM will negotiate improvements to your current benefits during the contract negotiations that will take place in March 2012. If you have any questions

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