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COVID-19 and Worker’s Compensation: When to Apply

Applying for worker’s compensation can be a convoluted process that oftentimes discourages injured workers, rather than allowing for easier access. And as if the process wasn’t complicated already, COVID-19 has certainly added new challenges to filing a claim. Infection rates have continued to climb across Canada, posing challenges for both communities and workplaces. In the context of health and safety, as with many illnesses, injuries and diseases, making the connection to the workplace as a source or contributing factor to

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Workers and workers’ rights still under attack in Alberta

By Derek Ferguson, GLR Political Action Bill 47 – The most recent attack on worker’s rights by the Jason Kenney Alberta UCP government misleadingly is named the “Ensuring Safety and Cutting Red Tape Act”. The so-called “Red Tape” contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) and the Workers’ Compensation Act. This will harm Alberta’s workers rather than ensure their safety. Kenny’s Bill 47 guts the OHS legislation: undermines Joint Health and Safety Committees and is an overall

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Update on Transport Canada meetings.

Members of the IAM meet with Transport Canada weekly to discuss upcoming or ongoing initiatives and talk about issues affecting our members. “Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been able to address issues such as face masks for our screening officers, temperature checks, health and safety issues related to COVID -19 and discussions around interim orders,” said Keith Aiken, IAM Canadian Airline Coordinator. These meetings also provide insight into upcoming programs such as possible COVID-19 testing pre-/post-flight, travel

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The Checkpoint (Volume 1, Issue 10)

Harassment Issues Tackled: Survey of 2921 membership begins The IAMAW is launching a survey of harassment and bullying in the workplace on Sept.23, 2020. We are asking all interested members to fill out the brief survey. You may contact a steward, or Chief Steward for a copy of the survey, which will be submitted back to the Chief Steward at your terminal. Members of the Women and Human Rights Committee, Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and the Educator will have

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The Checkpoint (Volume 1, Issue 7)

Local Lodge 2921 is proud to announce that Yanique Mcinnis has been appointed to the role of WSIB advocate for the Local. “Yanique will be awesome in this role. She is a very intelligent and compassionate woman and we are extremely lucky to have her representing the members of 2921” said Research Director Ivana Saula. If you have been injured in the workplace and your have questions you can contact Yanique for advice. Please wel- come Yanique to her new role, she will

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Workers Health and Safety

Effective training can make a real difference in your workplace. It can help reduce work-related injury and illness by identifying workplace hazards Local Lodge 2921 provided training to Health and Safety Committee to understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace to be safe.  Committee also learned the responsibilities of  employer or supervisor to maintain a safe working environment, and identify some common on-the-job hazards.

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