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The Checkpoint – Volume 2, Issue 7

Chief Steward and Shop Steward Elections June 3, 2021 It’s an exciting time at Local Lodge 2921. The terms of office for Chief Stewards and Shop Stewards have come to an end and it is time to hold elections for the next three year term. Local Lodge 2921 will be holding elections for Chief Stewards and Shop Stewards on June 3, 2021. To qualify to be a candidate, members must be in good standing, are free from delinquencies, must not

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The Checkpoint (Volume 1, Issue 10)

Harassment Issues Tackled: Survey of 2921 membership begins The IAMAW is launching a survey of harassment and bullying in the workplace on Sept.23, 2020. We are asking all interested members to fill out the brief survey. You may contact a steward, or Chief Steward for a copy of the survey, which will be submitted back to the Chief Steward at your terminal. Members of the Women and Human Rights Committee, Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and the Educator will have

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