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Dear Sisters and Brothers, Your Union has reached an agreement with the Company to provide freeCovid-19 Antigen testing kits to our members that are partially vaccinated.This agreement will save our partially vaccinated members a significantamount of money per week in Covid-19 related testing costs. The agreementis as follows: The Company will supply the Union with any material related to theCovid-19 Antigen test kit and the instructional video for the Union toprovide to members. Subject to availability from the Company, the

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Mandatory Vaccinations and EI Eligibility – UPDATE

As the deadline looms for compliance with mandatory workplace vaccination policies, many workers are left wondering what happens if they’re placed on an unpaid leave of absence. Earlier this week, the EI program notified stakeholders that workers placed on unpaid leaves of absence due to non-compliance with a mandated vaccination policy in their workplace, will not be eligible for EI benefits. In exceptional cases, the EI program may contact a worker to determine if the employer’s policy was; Clearly communicated

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GVP Chartrand’s letter to Minister Alghabra on Canadian Airports and Mandatory Vaccination Policies

Dear Honourable Minister Alghabra, The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) represent twenty twothousand workers in air transportation and aerospace in Canada. We represent a majority of workersat Canadian airports. I am writing you today asking your help with a troubling issue about mandatory vaccination policies byCanadian Airports authorities, which are arm’s length from government. A number of Canadianairports are implementing vaccination policies, taking any possibility of consultation and negotiation onthis critical health and safety issue away from

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Mandatory Vaccinations and Worker’s Compensation: Employer Liability

In a race against the fourth wave of the Coronavirus, the government, public health units and employers have moved from encouraging vaccination to mandating it. In recent weeks, many employers have issued mandatory vaccination policies, giving rise to multiple concerns, from individual rights to rights of the collective to work in safe environments. Some are raising practical concerns, like worker’s compensation, and whether employers who mandate vaccines are liable for workers who develop severe and adverse reactions. The question to

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International Transport Workers Federation Civil Aviation Forum a great success!

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) held their annual Civil Aviation week November 9 – 13, 2020 that focused on strategy for Relief, Recovery and Reform for an industry that has devastated by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s Civil Aviation week was different, as it was held virtually. Each day there were two sessions held to try and accommodate as many participants from around the world, dealing with different time zones. Daily topics included “Defending jobs, Securing Policies”, “Creating

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Driving a hard bargain – How COVID-19 has changed things

Whether we like it or know it, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed us: how we live and how we work. This means it has also changed the way we bargain our collective agreements and deal with grievances and arbitrations. The “new normal” has changed to “The Normal” as 2021 approaches. Most of us have already adopted videoconferencing as part of our lives. Employers have re-evaluated their need for a full complement of workers and are using it as leverage in

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