Negotiation Update May 2018

The main focus during the week was improving the working conditions of screening officers by:

  1. Union involvement in the actual development and bidding of the work schedule. Ensuring that the schedule bid upon is actually worked and if needed the daily transfers between T1 / T3 checkpoint to checkpoint is done in a fair manner
  2. Improvements in breaks
  3. Improvements in Safety and Health (Dosimeters and Lunchroom’s)
  4. Tech change, language to be added to CBA
  5. Implement revised payroll language.


In regards to monetary issues:

  1. Putting a fifteen percent (15%) cap on use of part time employees and providing the part time employees with sick days, Stat Holidays and full benefits. (Vision care improvement for all EE’s)
  2. Increase in sick days and Personal Days 12 days per year.
  3. Increase Pension contributions over three (3) years.
  4. Increase wages 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd
  5. Increase of 1 week to vacation time, increase to 14%.

We can only achieve these goals by staying united and working together.

To view the full bulletin please click link below:

Negots Update Bulletin May 2018

Updated: 4 May, 2018 — 1:13 pm