Toronto Screeners

Negotiations Update 2 Nov, 2012

As you are aware, the tentative agreement was rejecte.! by 73o/o. The Negotiations Committee met with the screeners during the week of September 26’n. At these meetings you let us know what was required to reach a successful collective agreement with Garda.

In early October the Union Negotiation Team met with Garda to deliver your message.

On October 31, the Negots Committee again met with Garda. At that meeting Garda’s response was that they were not prepared to offer anything additional over and above the rejected tentative agreement.

This position left us with no other option at the mediation stage and, as a result, the Labour Board Mediator suggested we proceed to binding arbitration.

On November 1, Garda and the Union negotiations team were summoned to the Canadian lndustrial Relations Board. Under the Board’s supervision we agreed to proceed to arbitration with four (4) outstanding issues to be resolved: .

  • lncrease in wage percentage
  • lncrease in amount of sick days
  •  lncrease in pension funds
  • Limit part-time employees to 15% of full-time staff

AII other sections of the Tentative Agreement are, therefore, in force as of yesterday, November 1, 2012.

ln Solidarity,
Your IAM Negotiating Committee

Barry Barnett                    Pearlet Browne                       Robert Craig
Paul Cuprys                       Farooq Hamid                         Colin Husbands
Gigi Najam                         Nathan Paramanathan
Surjit Singh                        Sasha Sukunda                        Lou Pagrach