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Collective Agreement Tentative Agreements and Arbitration Award

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Your Negotiations Committee has received the arbitration award concludingnegotiations. Bargaining throughout this pandemic was extremely difficult as theprocess began as the Covid-19 pandemic was just beginning and the Companyclaimed they did not have the money. In Short, here are some of the positivesthat were attained: Enhanced layoff and Recall Language – 36 Month Recall, Benefitcontinuation for 14 days after layoff. Improved Shift Trade language – Company will not suspendWebapps(during shift changeover)or suspend shift trades for not

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Negotiations Update #3

Friday March 5, 2021Negotiations Update #3 Dear Sisters and Brothers, Over the last six months, we have been attempting to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. Negotiations have been very tough but your committee continues to fight. Driven by our mandate from our members and the survey results, we have been negotiating non – monetary items such as but not limited to recall, job security, technological change and improved language around Health and Safety and Human Rights. On the monetary

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IAM Local 901 negotiates and ratifies new contract despite pandemic.

IAM Local 901 members at HMFT (Howard Marten Fluid Technologies, formerly Howard Marten Company Limited) ratified a collective agreement this past Friday. In addition to wage increases, the members we united in ensuring all technicians were aligned into the same classification. Furthermore, the members will receive an increased boot allowance, shift premiums, and enhanced severance benefits in the Collective Agreement. “Time and time again, our members have shown us they want to see their members are taken care of –

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Contract ratified despite pandemic challenges – IAM Local 692 Finning BC

Surrey, B.C. – More than 700 members of IAM Local 692 working for Finning across British Columbia and the Yukon voted in the second round of the contract ratification and accepted a new collective agreement. The three-year deal brought a wage increase of 1% per year over the first two years and 2% in the final year. A workshare program was initiated by the employer, but it is voluntary, meaning members can decide whether or not they will participate. Other language

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Making it work during difficult times – A First for Screeners Lodge 2921 Negotiation Committee.

Toronto, ON and Hollywood, MD – The Negotiations Committee for IAM Screeners Lodge 2921 were hard at work this week preparing for their upcoming week of negotiations with Garda – but something was different. Due to the impossibility for IAM members to attend the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in the US, the local leadership collectively decided that the training would be online and would include an online bargaining simulation. That’s a first of its kind for the IAM! “The

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Election Results 2020/2021 Negotiation Committee

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The 2020/2021 Negotiation Committee Election took place on July 14 2020. The members elected to represent Local Lodge 2921 throughout Negotiations are: Terminal 1 RepresentativesBrother Hassan JamaSister Ayan AbdulleBrother Umberto Mastroianni Terminal 3 RepresentativesBrother Binu JanardananBrother Sardar KabirSister Loveleen Tiwana Terminal 5 RepresentativeSister Sanja Lasica  Thank you to those who participated in the nomination and election process. We value your continued support, as it is essential in serving our membership. In Solidarity, Caterina BaroneRecording Secretary

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