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Dear Sisters and Brothers,As you may be aware, the Union and the Company had an arbitration on March 21, 2022. I would like to report that forty-seven (47) unresolved grievances were presented in front of Arbitrator, Mr. Brian Keller. Two (2) grievances were a termination of employment and the forty-five (45) grievances were related to No Call/No Show. One (1) termination was dismissed, and one (1) termination wasupheld. 2. Forty-five (45) NCNS grievances were resolved according to theaward as follow:•

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Dear Sisters and Brothers, As you may be aware, the Union and the Company had an arbitration onOctober 21, 2021.I would like to report the following six (6) unresolved Policy grievances and one ( 1) Group policy grievance that were presented in front of the Arbitrator, Mr. Brian Keller: Group policy grievance regarding extensions over forty (40) hours to bepaid as OT, the grievance was resolved successfully in favour of theUnion, 42 grievances are to be paid within thirty (30)

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Collective Agreement Tentative Agreements and Arbitration Award

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Your Negotiations Committee has received the arbitration award concludingnegotiations. Bargaining throughout this pandemic was extremely difficult as theprocess began as the Covid-19 pandemic was just beginning and the Companyclaimed they did not have the money. In Short, here are some of the positivesthat were attained: Enhanced layoff and Recall Language – 36 Month Recall, Benefitcontinuation for 14 days after layoff. Improved Shift Trade language – Company will not suspendWebapps(during shift changeover)or suspend shift trades for not

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Vacation Bid Policy Grievance 2016

On March 31st 2016, there was a Policy Grievance with a number of discrepancies that were presented at Arbitration. There was a total of 49 Discrepancies. The reason for the grievance was that the process of the vacation bid was not followed by seniority. The union presented the interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in regards to the correct process of the vacation bid. After all the evidence that was provided, the Arbitrator ruled in favour of the Union, and

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