Toronto Screeners


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As you may be aware, the Union and the Company had an arbitration onOctober 21, 2021.I would like to report the following six (6) unresolved Policy grievances and one ( 1) Group policy grievance that were presented in front of the Arbitrator, Mr.
Brian Keller:

  1. Group policy grievance regarding extensions over forty (40) hours to be
    paid as OT, the grievance was resolved successfully in favour of the
    Union, 42 grievances are to be paid within thirty (30) days of the award.

2. SC15554 & SC15609 – any part-time employee who works twenty-four
(24) hours per week or more on a regular schedule is not a part-time
employee but rather, a full-time employee and entitled to all the benefits
as such.

  1. SC15591 – a request for vacation pay which was not paid for laid off
    Screeners, please refer to the award for more detail.
  1. SC15593 – Sick days on layoff and recall, please refer to the award for
    more detail.

5. SC14822 – NPSV paid change time, ruled in favor of the Union, the preexisting practice shall prevail, the change time is to be paid.

  1. SC15616 – the new blended return to work testing process, after being
    away for more than thirty (30) days.
  1. SC15621 – TTL promotion from Part-time status to Full-time out of

For your information, a copy of the policy award will be posted at

Furthermore, I would like to inform you there are two (2) group policy
grievances, the first one is regarding severance pay after being laid off for more
than twelve (12) months and the second one is regarding the two (2) weeks pay
in lieu of notice. Both grievances will have to go through a full arbitration, as per
the Company’s request, the Union will share any information regarding this
arbitration, as soon as it becomes available.

Please note that it is your responsibility as a Screener to follow the SOP at all

In solidarity,
Tayeb Lharti
General Chairperson
Central Region