Toronto Screeners


Arbitrator Hayes has issued his final award in the outstanding matters of our Collective Agreement.

  • The Arbitrator awarded Screeners a greater percentage increase in wages (but no retroactive pay).
  • More money in the pension contribution than we were originally offered in the rejected tentative agreement.
  • The Arbitrator gave us one more additional sick day:  8 each year starting in 2013.
  • A higher $$ amount of combined C.O.L.A. and V.R.S.C. at $2.35 per hour instead of $2.22.
  • Grandfathered P.L. rate at an additional $2.35 over S/O Level 3.4 wages.

Wage increases were awarded as:

  • 1% wage increase as of November 1, 2012.
  • An additional 2.5% wage increase as of April 7, 2013.
  • And another 2.5% wage increase as of April 6, 2014.

We are disappointed the Arbitrator ruled that he could not deal with the part-time percentage issue.  Mr. Hayes directed that that issue was to be resolved in a separate arbitration.

To view the complete award please click on
Garda Collective Agreement Arbitration Award

In Solidarity

Lou Pagrach
General Chairperson