Toronto Screeners


Dear Brothers and Sisters,On February 6 & 7, 2024, twenty-seven (27) IAMAW Pre-Board Screening Officers were terminated at the Victoria International Airport following an investigation into screening irregularities at NPST, which commenced on January 9, 2024. Typically, the IAMAW would not communicate with all members surrounding the events leading to the termination of screening personnel, however, the circumstances of these events compel this communication. The sub-contractor intended to return the majority of affected employees to work with a corrective action

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Dear Sisters and Brothers, Your Union was made aware that there was an issue with the sick bank payout on Thursday January 25, 2024. Your Union immediately filed a group grievance and demanded that individual sick banks immediately be paid out. Also, as part of the remedy, Your Union demanded one hundred ($100) per member for hardship endured. We are very concerned about the companies behavior and disregard for our members finances. Our members come to work to be paid,

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Garda has posted the seniority list for your review. The current seniority list will be posted in the respective Union Offices or with your respective Chief Steward. It is your responsibility to make sure your seniority date(s) are correct. The Master Seniority date should be the date when you became a Screening Officer at either Toronto Pearson International Airport or Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The Company Seniority date should be the date of your most recent hire date by

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Garda Arbitration Update 2024

Dear Sisters and Brothers: In the summer of 2023, Gardaworld fired two Pre-board Screening Officers for violating Gardaworld’s harassment policies. The IAM immediately filed grievances and represented these members through the arbitration process which included spending tens of thousands on legal fees. On Thursday January 26, 2024, these cases proceeded to arbitration where IAM paid legal representation presented both of these grievors cases. The IAM fought hard for these members resulting in favorable settlements being reached. Both grievors were satisfied with the

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Negotiations Update # 4

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Further to our negotiations update bulletin issued on January 19, 2024, Your Negotiations committee would like to keep you up to date with your collective bargaining process. Unfortunately, Garda failed to respond to the intent to bargain and your committee decided to file for conciliation as provided for in Section 50 of the Canada Labour Code. The filing was done to the Labour Minister on January 24, 2024. This now puts the parties on a 96

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